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Valoré PU3440RG Rose Gold Tone St/Sl

390L x 450W mm Overall Dimensions
340L x 400W x 225D mm Bowl Dimensions

Flat Thick Edge

Rose Gold Tone Colour
Brushed Sheen Finish
15mm Radius Bowl Corners
Suitable for a Waste Disposer
Overflow and 90mm Basket Waste
Minimum Cabinet Length Size 400mm (Based on 16mm cabinet ends)

Note: The rose gold tone stainless colour bowls show more rose gold tones in a brighter area and show more copper tones in a shaded area. The colour may vary through different colour production runs. The colour appearance may change slightly in different lighting. We do not recommend colour matching as the Nano Stainless Sinks are a blended colour.

Note: Do not leave pots, pans, metal items sitting in the sink bowl.

PU3440RG - $586.62 Including GST

Nano Colour Infusion Stainless Sinks - The colour is infused to the top section of stainless steel becoming part of the stainless steel & not a coating. While stainless steel is very hardy and durable, it is normal for stainless steel to scratch with every day use from or cleaning crockery, porcelain bowls and utensils.  

Optional Accessories:

PB40S - Chopping Board (275x430x20mm) $59.83 Including GST

SCR43 - StSl Colander (215x415x100mm) $121.28 Including GST
RWB43 - Wire Basket (310x385x170mm) $155.23 Including GST

RM45 - Drainer Roll Mat (480x460mm) $105.11 Including GST

RM36 - Bowl Roll Mat (480x390mm) $82.47 Including GST

SR4230 - StSl Mini Bowl (300x425mm) $206.98 Including GST

Ridley Copper Tap (443Hx226Lmm) - $1112.50 Including GST

Tap is Mains Pressure Only & not a complete colour match to the Rose Gold Sink.

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