Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Jikokoa charcoal stove ?

Price of jikokoa charcoal stove in Uganda The jikokoa classic charcoal stove goes for 160,000UGX in only and we offer free deliveries countrywide.

How do I light / use the Jikokoa charcoal charcoal stove ?

Follow the instructions in the video for instructions on how to light and use the stove.

Do you sell Jikokoa stoves on credit ?

Jikokoa charcoal stoves loans in Uganda Yes! we do offer purchase of our stoves on credit, however, this offer is exclusively reserved for registered savings groups, SACCOs and organisations. We offer up to 4 months payments period for the loan.

How do i use the ash tray ?

How to use the Jikokoa charcoal stoves ash tray.

Do you deliver Jikokoa stoves ?

Yes!! we offer free countrywide deliveries through out Uganda at no extra cost.

Do you offer warranty on Jikokoa stoves ?

Quality warranty for Jikokoa stove in Uganda Yes!! at Ezylife Holdings we are committed to providing the very best to our customers and we have great confidence in our procucts offerings. Jikokoa classic comes with 1 year of warranty.

How durable are the Jikokoa stoves ?

How durable are the Jikokoa stoves Jikokoa stoves are made out of strong and durable materials, with proper maintenance the stove can last between 4yrs to 5yrs.

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