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Nano & PVD Colour Stainless Bowl Range

Nano Colour Infusion Stainless Sinks - The colour is infused to the top section of stainless steel becoming part of the stainless steel & not a coating. While stainless steel is very hardy and durable, it is normal for stainless steel to scratch with every day use from or cleaning crockery, porcelain bowls and utensils. Scratches, scuffs and marks will show in silver grey colour of stainless. For more information, please visit the FAQ link 'Do Nano Stainless Sinks Scratch?'. Note: Do not leave pots, pans, metal items sitting in the sink bowl. 

The PVD finish sinks are a matt brushed finish which means scratches and fingerprints may be more visible than on Nano sinks. 

Note: The grey black stainless colour bowls appear darker in a shaded area and more grey in a brighter area. The colour may vary through different colour productions and the colour appearance may change slightly in different lighting. We do not recommend colour matching as the Nano Stainless Sinks are a blended colour. The colour will appear darker in smaller bowl sizes, as less light will be exposed to the sink and there will be more shadows. 

Premium Range - Grey Black Colour Stainless Steel Bowls

Premium Range - Glossy Grey PVD Colour Stainless Steel Bowl

Premium Range - Light Gold PVD Colour Stainless Steel Bowl

Premium Range - Matte Silver Colour Stainless Steel Bowls

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