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Q: Can I install a sink by myself instead of hiring a professional joiner, kitchen company or cabinet maker?

A: Valoré recommend hiring a professional kitchen installer and not attempting to install a sink by yourself. A professional joiner, kitchen company, bench top company or cabinet maker will be used to installing sinks frequently and they will know how to deal with any problems or issues that may occur during installation.

The professional will have the suitable tools and protective wear e.g. silicone or sealant, gloves, tools, etc. They will make sure there is enough room at the back and front of the bench top, they will check the sink is in the correct position, they will make sure the bowls fit in the cabinets, they will make sure the cut out is correct before cutting and that the sink is level. The professional kitchen installer will also correctly seal the sink to the bench top and use the correct products to make sure it is sealed, but that the sealant can also be cut if needed.

If you attempt to install a sink yourself, you may risk not sealing the sink correctly which can result in water leaking into your cabinet underneath. You may also risk dents or indent marks from hitting the sink during installation or from tightening the clips down too hard. You may also risk hurting yourself by not using the correct protective wear. If the sink is installed incorrectly or there is a issue caused from incorrect installation or during installation, it may not be covered by the warranty.

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