Quartz Range

The Alazia, Pyragranite and Tetron models are a Mid-European range manufactured with square sleek lines and simple designs to suit your kitchen and create a modern appeal. They are made up of more than 80% Quartz and 20% acrylic, additives and pigments. The texture is smooth and the sinks have a matt finish.

Quartz is a manmade material and requires more maintenance than Stainless Steel. Do not place hot pots, pans, etc. directly from the element or oven on to the sink surface. All quartz sinks scratch to some degree. Visit our FAQ page to read about surface scratches and products you can use. We also have care and cleaning guides available for the Quartz sinks.

Pyragranite Quartz Range - Top Mount Bowls

Alazia 3B
510mm Overall Diameter
450x150mm Bowl Diameter
$617.00 Including GST
Tetron 34B
410x500mm Overall Dim
340x400x200mm Bowl Dim
$612.00 Including GST
Tetron 44B
460x500mm Overall Dim
400x400x207mm Bowl Dim
$612.00 Including GST
Tetron 54B
610x500mm Overall Dim
540x400x200mm Bowl Dim
$720.00 Including GST
Tetron 76B
760x500mm Overall Dim
690x400x200mm Bowl Dim
$720.00 Including GST
Alazia 75B
860x500mm Overall Dim
450x420x200mm Main Bowl
300x360x200mm Small Bowl
$720.00 Including GST
Alazia 20B
790x500mm Overall Dim
340x410x200mm Main Bowl
340x410x200mm Small Bowl
$720.00 Including GST

Bello Range -  Two Bowls

Bello 1.5BM
580x500x250mm Overall Dim
330x435x200mm Main Bowl
160x345x120mm Small Bowl
$720.00 Including GST

Geotech Butler Range - Granite Butler Bowl

Belfast Granite 1.0
595x455x250mm Overall Dim
509x369x225mm Bowl Dim
$1616.00 Including GST

Pyragranite Quartz Range - Top Mount Bowls & Drainer      

Alazia 10B
790x500mm Overall Dim
340x420x200mm Main Bowl
$617.00 Including GST
Alazia 5B (500mm Wide Top)
860x435mm Overall Dim
315x365x200mm Main Bowl
$689.00 Including GST
Alazia 160B
1000x500mm Overall Dim
500x420x205mm Main Bowl
$804.00 Including GST
Alazia 150B
1000x500mm Overall Dim
340x420x200mm Main Bowl
160x340x120mm Small Bowl
$804.00 Including GST

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Photos displayed may not be a true reproduction due to photographic and monitor resolutions. Due to continued product development, Valoré reserves the right to change product specifications and/or dimensions and discontinue products without notice.