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Sink Accessories

Click on the photos below to take you to the different accessory designs

Chopping Boards to suit Valoré Sinks

Great for cutting vegetables and meat on. Wooden chopping boards have antibacterial properties. Make sure to wash the chopping board properly after use with hot soapy water and dry completely. Oil occasionally. Keep out of the sun to prevent warping and keep out of damp areas to prevent bacteria.

Chopping Boards

Roll Mats to suit Valoré Sinks

Drainer Roll Mat - Great for putting hot pots and pans on (make sure to avoid putting hot items on or near the black rubber part), thawing frozen foods, draining dishes and cutlery over the bowl and reduces scratching by putting items on the roll mat instead of the drainer tray.

bowl Roll Mat can sit on the bottom of the bowl protecting the sink surface bottom from scratches from various kitchenware items which will sit and rub against the roll mat instead of the sink surface. The roll mat can fit the 400mm wide square welded bowls and the length side (480mm side) can be cut to suit smaller bowl lengths e.g. 340mm, 400mm or 450mm. The roll mat can also be used to put hot pots or pans on, instead of the bench top (make sure to avoid putting hot pots and pans near the black rubber part). Make sure to remove the roll mat from the bottom of the sink bowl often and clean & dry the bottom of the bowl and roll mat to reduce dirt and residue build up which can cause pitting or staining over time.

Roll Mats

Colanders to suit Valoré Sinks

Great for thawing frozen food, rinsing or draining vegetables or thick pasta. People also use it as a storage area for their sponges, dish washing brushes and plugs.


Wire Baskets to suit Valoré Sinks

Great for leaving dishes to air dry or thawing frozen items with the wire basket in the bowl or over the drainer. By placing cutlery and dishes in the wire basket instead of in the bowl or on the drainer, it can reduce the amount of scratching.

Wire Baskets

Drainer Trays to suit Valoré Sinks

Great for placing dishes on or holding a wire basket on top. You can also use the drainer to hide dirty dishes in the sink by placing the drainer on top.

Drainer Trays
Mini Bowls

Mini Bowls to suit Valoré Sinks

Great for washing a small amount of dishes in and not filling up the whole sink. People also use it for holding drinks in with ice (only recommend using over the sink or outside in case the plug isn't securely stopping water).

Soap Dispenser to suit Valoré Sinks

A soap dispenser is a stylish clean look to complete a kitchen. Our soap dispenser is designed to make refills easy, so you can refill the soap by pulling off the top part of the dispenser. The piping and bottle underneath are plastic making them easy to clean.

Soap Dispenser

Wastes to suit Valoré Sinks

The most essential item for a kitchen sink is the waste kit. All of our sinks come with the standard waste kits that suit the bowl. For ceramic and granite models there are now colour matching options where the waste can match the tap. The colour wastes come from our European and English suppliers. The BSW range are quality weighted waste kits with a unique plug design and you will feel the quality just holding the waste kit. Plug and Waste Bowls are also available for replacements. Please check with Valoré on which waste will suit your sink. To lengthen the time of the rubber from plugs deteriorating, we recommend having the plug in a dry area, only using it when you're filling up the sink with water and rinse with water after using, as chemicals and detergents can eat away at the plastic.


Ceramic & Granite Wastes - PVD Colour wastes are only available with Valoré sinks.

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