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Square Bathroom Basins Range

All handmade ceramic sinks may have some slight imperfections, tapered bowls, small glazing imperfections and a slight tolerance in the measurements that give each ceramic sink individual characteristics.


  • The Project Ceramic & Butler models are imported from Asia.

  • The Project Ceramic models are porcelain material heated to 1280 degrees and glazing thickness is approximately 2mm. The Matt Black Project ceramics do not have a glaze.

  • Generally products from Asia are more competitively priced.


Note that as ceramics are a material, each sink will have small characteristics.

* As the bowls are individually handcrafted and finished in fireclay they may contain slight imperfections and a measurement tolerance of 5mm - or + should be allowed in the finished product.

Note: Valoré recommend that you have the sink bowl before cutting the top and use the bowl as the template cut out, as these sinks may vary slightly due to the firing tolerance.

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