Covid 19 Level 2 Protocol

The Valoré office, showroom and warehouse are open during level 2. Please follow the rules and guidelines when visiting.

Showroom - Please phone the office on 09 476 1134 ext. 1 before visiting the showroom. One group of maximum 3 people can visit the showroom at a time.

Before Entering the Showroom

  • Stop at the pick up/drop off area and enter your details into the Visitor's Log In book and apply hand sanitiser to your hands.

  • Please make your way upstairs to the reception desk in the showroom. If there is another group in the showroom, please wait downstairs in the pick up/drop off area until the group has left.

    While waiting you can phone the office on 09 476 1134 ext. 1 or ring the bell downstairs to see if we can help you or bring items down to the drop off/pick up area.

While in the Showroom

  • Please wear gloves in the showroom or use the hand sanitiser at reception desk prior to handling and touching display products.

  • The showroom will be self-service at the start. If you require assistance, please ring the bell at the reception desk and we can speak to you behind the clear screen.

  • If you require assistance in the showroom, please ring the bell and put your mask on or one of the masks provided at the reception desk and keep a one metre distance from the staff member. Our staff member will also put on a mask.

Pick Ups & Drop Offs

  • Please phone the office on 09 476 1134 ext. 1 in advance to let them know if you are collecting or dropping off an item.

  • Please stop at the pick up/drop off area.

  • Enter your name & contact number in the Visitor's Log In book.

  • Ring the bell next to the Visitor's book or phone the office on 09 476 1134 ext. 1 for assistance.

When you make a contactless pick up, please follow the signs, hygiene & social distancing protocol.

  • Do not enter the warehouse packing area or office.

  • We will leave your box to be collected and you can sign the packing slip with your name and the date and leave the packing slip next to the visitor sign in book.

If you need any further information, please contact us by email or phone 09 4761134.

         Email:                Phone: +64 09 4761134                Visit: 17/77 Porana Road, Hillcrest, Auckland

Monday to Thursday 8:30am - 5:00pm & Friday 8:30am - 4:00pm

Photos displayed may not be a true reproduction due to photographic and monitor resolutions. Due to continued product development, Valoré reserves the right to change product specifications and/or dimensions and discontinue products without notice.